Drive Safe


Ohio County Attorney, Justin Keown, has introduced Drive Safe Kentucky (DSKY), a new program to teach and refresh safe driving techniques and review traffic laws of Kentucky. The goal of this program is to make the participant a safer driver and to reduce the number of repeat offenders by providing education on traffic and driving safety issues. If eligible, participants will complete the program online or by DVD instead of appearing in court.

Drive Safe Kentucky offers a convenient alternative to traffic court while reducing the chances of re-offending.

The County Attorney’s Office has partnered with PSI Kentucky to provide the educational component of this program. If the violator qualifies for Drive Safe Kentucky, there is a $139.00 fee for the program. It may be completed online and takes approximately 2 hours. A DVD version is available for those without Internet or email access. Upon successful completion of the course, the citation will be dismissed.

Violators who do not qualify for or choose not to participate in Drive Safe Kentucky have other options available: pre-payment or attending the Court hearing.

The website for the Drive Safe program can be found at