Delinquent Taxes


The County Attorney may be required to assist in the collection of certain delinquent taxes.  One example of such collection is delinquent Ohio County ad valorem property taxes.  The failure to timely pay said taxes will result in additional fees, penalties, charges and interest owed.  Most importantly though if said taxes are not paid within the prescribed time, then in that event registered third parties can purchase the taxes.  The purchase of taxes by third parties creates an immediate lien against the property being assessed.  The purchasing third parties in addition to creating a lien against the property also have the ability to add numerous fees, charges and interest, including attorney fees.  Kentucky law also allows the third party purchasers the ability to file a civil action against you asking that the assessed property be sold by order of the Ohio Circuit Court.  If you are unable to pay the ad valorem taxes and the tax due has been sent to the Ohio County Attorney for collection, you can request a payment plan to be established to pay same with our office.  Please understand that any payment plan does not eliminate certain fees, penalties, charges and interest from being assessed.

It is of utmost importance that you make sure that the ad valorem tax bill as it relates to your property is mailed to the appropriate address.  You can always call the Ohio County PVA's office to determine the address the bill is being sent to.